Our Values

Facets of Prevention:

“The prevention of violence against women and girls is a process of changing attitudes, behaviors, beliefts, and institutional norms of ‘acceptable’ violence and discrimination, through an evolutionary and revoluntionary process within an inherited systems of inequality detrimental to society.  This nonlinear process of transformative education supports the creation of a safe, just, equitable and healthy environment, so that women and girls and men and boys may live violence-free lives.” – “Violence Against Women Prevention” as defined by TC-TAT’s National Advisory Committee, February 1999.

Our Values:

  • Our strategies must reflect the values of safety, justice, and equality for all women in our communities.
  • Building individual awareness of and accountability for the full spectrum of abuse and violence is critical to the prevention agenda. We are mobilizing individuals to transform this awareness and take action toward prevention.
  • We are building a broad-based social movement to challenge and transform norms, values, and conditions that contribute to VAW.
  • We foster “community specific” approaches, rooted in a perspective of cultural competence and inclusiveness and reflect the needs, values, ethnic, faith and attributes of each community.
  • We are a learning center and equip communities and organizations with products, tools, resources, and best practices to support their prevention work.
  • It is important to create peer environments- communities of practice – for advocates to connect, become inspired, and build relationships.
  • We believe in collaborative leadership development. Every individual and organization is empowered to share a leadership role in this agenda.
  • There are varying degrees of organizational and community readiness to engage in prevention. Each organization will undergo its own transformation process.
  • We must develop, document, and build our collective wisdom, our stories, and our evidence base to sustain our work.